Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'Power Of Leadership'

Power of Leadership!!

Leaders are those human beings who choose Love over Lust, Truth over fake, Mind over Brain, Solutions over Problems, Silence over Noise, Pain over Joy, Efforts over Sleep, Heart over Mind, Intellect over Beauty, Character over Role, Sacrifice over Temptations, Loyalty over just Professionalism, Relationships over Networking’s and Believers over mere Followers.

In my understandings, Life keeps moving between two common dimensions (Axis) one is time(X-axis) and second one is space(Y-axis).Leaders always moves and keeps changing their standpoint by new learning and knowledge which makes them always significant and modernized with respect to their current period and orbit of leadership.They are leaders Due to their exceptional character i.e.“zeal of learning new things and experimentation with new management practices”. 

Leaders are not only full of life in nature but also full of love, compassion and truth which they can endure in tough time and place as well, that’s how when ordinary people easily give it up they keep remaining hold it up and combating bravely against all odds with the white flag of truth. Audacity, internal stimulus and vigour (Passion) flows in form of spirit when the cause is larger than life and valuable for all the civilization on this sphere.

Their capability of take pleasures in the pain as well as in the joy builds them attitude wise more affirmative and positive. For leaders pain is a synonym of bliss not bane. No matter how much they suffer and injured, their inherited passion and craziness compose them tough from the heart. They never compromise with their class of thoughts, excellence of work and ethics at their work place. It doesn’t matter how much strong IQ (Intelligence Quotient) one holds, matter is how he/she deals with the EQ (Emotional Quotient) of others, leaders are excellent in dealing with EQ of their team and supporters. A leader never makes noise but their deeds generate powerful vibes which is even witnessed by deaf. Their purpose driven life makes sense and add values in their surrounding folks.

Their sleep less efforts converts stones of adversities into flowers of opportunities, for them drop of hope become ocean of confidence , air of change become storm of revolution, light of knowledge become sun of wisdom. Greatness of leaders lies into their gratefulness i.e. they never grumble or complains about Scarcity of resources because their purposeful life is driven by their needs not by purposeless wants. We do but they perform, we sing a song (job) but they become song (work) itself, we hear but they listen. We only speak but they act upon it. “Leaders don’t do different things. They do things differently” (Mr.Shiv Khera).

One question mark with regard to leadership always makes me surprised is that, How only some of the human beings i.e. leaders can keep hold of their energy and passion all moment in time? Then the comeback which appears from my heart was that, ‘there is definitely somewhat or a bit of ‘emotional attachments’ keep existing with their work, which inspires and burns their souls all time for the accomplishment of their drive and purpose of life.

There is general tendency that ‘go behind our mind instead of heart’, in respect that heart is more close to our soul and spirit, but leaders are not like that, they are well listeners of the voice of their hearts not only of their own but of others as well. When heart, mind and soul fused, spirit starts reflecting from their body, which is one of the best identities of the leaders. That’s why their actions are three times more powerful than ordinary human beings.

Leaders never go behind the others; others follow them and also rest their faith in them, because they have their own standpoint and outlook, instead of uploading feelings and ideas of mob. The difference between leaders and ordinary one is that they exist for the greater purpose and cause that enables them to think beyond the seven dimensions of mind i.e. political, social, legal, spiritual, cultural, and artificial and off Course commerce and financial side.

It is said that ‘all great work happens in the absolute stillness’, just look at the rising of sun, rotation of earth in its orbit , progression of bud into flower, Same with leaders as well, they silently carry out their work and sense of duty without any external supervision and control, with full of integrity and perfection. They like to deliver their best in any case at any cost, because they knew, the beauty of perfection.

Temptations come in different outward appearance, but how to deal with, a leader knows better. It’s not a piece of cake; it requires deep heart like foundations and warm blood of genuineness with strong DNA of values and principles in the body. It’s a sport of leaders which being plays on the ground of tolerance where no one is pleased about the triumph neither keep motivates in the case of defeat. Timid and living dead bodies are prohibited for this voyage of contest, sorry!!

Professionalism is good but loyalty is far at the forefront from it. Thousands of students who are certify each year from the big name holding universities and colleges, but they leave the companies and organisations within a day’s or month, not because of their incompetency or lack of required skill but they are highly professional (only talkers not performers, they are well groomed and dressed but full of stress) and poor on the ground of loyalty towards their organisations. Reason being we have not such institutions or Gurukulam’s which can inject such values and life govern ethics in the management students, who can really transform the ordinary students into extraordinary performers. All is required nothing but ‘Sadhana’ a true devotion in the direction of self discovery and the respect of each and every hidden potential without any discrimination of
grade, locality and faith.

In the future, Success of any corporate group, political party or any organisation will not lie on the hand of the managers but the leaders. We must bring into being such leaders in this country because just a being good can’t be an everlasting condition for the Position of the Prime minister of India.

With love
irfan khan